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AQUATEST 100 mg/ml by Balkan  Pharmaceuticals

AQUATEST 100 mg/ml

Available Options:
Buy 1 ampoule (1 ml) for $8.00
($8.00 each ampoule)
Buy 50 ampoules (50 ml) for $290.00 $400.00
($5.80 each ampoule) You save $110.00!
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Note: Each ampoule contanins 1 ml of product.

Product Specifications

Product: AQUATEST 100 mg/ml
Product Code: BPI.1.11.1
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Active Ingredient: testosterone
Strenght: 100mg/ml/amp

About testosterone

Testosterone, although naturally produced in the body, is synthetically produced by Schering, Organon and Ciba in 1930s. It was the first artificially produced anabolic steroid, thus became the basis or reference drug of all succeeding steroids. Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for the development of primary and secondary sex characteristics of males. This hormone promotes the formation and development of male sex organs, and other male features such as deep voice and increased growth of body and facial hair.

Being an anabolic steroid, testosterone is a powerful anabolic agent. It is not the strongest androgen but its strength is three times stronger than dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone is the compound responsible for the skeletal muscles which enables body movement. It can stimulate the formation of new muscle tissues by increasing the process of protein synthesis in the body. Efficient protein synthesis also allows the growth of the existing muscle fibers, and the regeneration process of the tissues. This is beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders since healing and recovery of injuries will be faster.

Having a strong androgen property makes Testosterone the main cause of acne, high level of aggression, excessive sweating and male pattern hair loss. Too much androgen can also lead to the enlargement of the prostate and the abnormal production of testosterone hormone. If too much androgen is present in the body in a long period of time, the body will eventually produce small amount of testosterone which leads to sexual dysfunction, problems in spermatogenesis and low sexual drive. This anabolic steroid is not recommended for females since its high androgenic effects will cause virilization effects such as deep and low voice, and the appearance of increased facial and body hair.

Although Testosterone is a male hormone, it is capable of converting into estrogen because it easily binds with the aromatase enzyme. This property provides the existence of some estrogen-related effects such as water retention and deposition of fats in the body. These estrogenic effects make male users prone to developing gynecomastia or the abnormal growth of breasts tissues. On the contrary, some estrogenic effects can be useful since the water and fats deposited in the muscle tissues are used for lubrication and protection for bones and joints, especially when lifting heavy weights. These effects also cause the formation of loose muscle tissues, although hypertension, palpitation and increased cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels are likely to develop.

Testosterone can be purchased as injectables, oral tablets, gels, patches and implants. Its recommended dose is 500mg every week, although 1mg can already produce significant results. The oral form was first introduced in the market, but most bodybuilders and athletes prefer injectable which is injected once a week. This drug is useful in building muscle mass.

Since Testosterone is a regulated drug as categorized by the Controlled Substance Act, you can only buy it from pharmacies if you have a doctors prescription. Good thing, it is available in online shops. Here, you privately purchase Testosterone fast and easy.

About Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to provide high quality products for the global market and obtained lawful recognition of their operations in 2007 by the government of the Republic of Moldova.

Established under a mission of service to humanity, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing a wide range of pharmaceuticals and is building a reputation of quality and integrity known around the world. They have assembled a staff of highly trained, dedicated individuals for the development, testing, and manufacture of life enhancing pharmaceuticals.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to meeting GMP standards set by the highest global authorities and has achieved full recognition of those authorities.

In addition, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is pursuing expansion, both in production facilities and in market area. Though currently authorized for distribution within Moldova only, they are actively working for their products to be approved in most of CIS nations.


Each product manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals has an Unique Product Identification Code (UPIC) printed on it that can be used for checking against Online UPIC Checking System. This way you can be sure that the product you use is legitimate.

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AQUATEST 100 mg/ml by Balkan  Pharmaceuticals

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